All 252 badges are now free to members.

The 252 award scheme is open to all Members whether they are experienced archers or newcomers to the sport.

The objective of the scheme is to encourage archers to work on their technique and promote steady improvement at increasing distances by attaining a target score of 252 at each distance on a minimum of 2 occasions.

The distances shot will be 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 yards and there will be a distinctive different coloured badge available to mark your achievement at each distance.


  1. GNAS Rules of shooting are to apply for this scheme.
  2. The number of arrows to be shot per round will be 30 for Compound Archers, 36 for Recurve Archers, 48 for Barebow Archers and 72 for Longbow Archers.
  3. Rounds to be shot in ends of 6 arrows using a 122 cm target face and GNAS 5 zone scoring.
  4. 6 sighter arrows are permitted which will not count towards the final score.
  5. The attempt for the 252 score must be the first round shot on that day.
  6. You may only claim one 252 score on any day.
  7. Distances must be shot in ascending order and no distances can be omitted.
  8. Fully completed score sheets can left in the clubhouse for collection by the scheme organisers who will maintain a database of scores achieved and badges claimed. Successful claims will be published in the Club Newsletter!

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